10 Friends, a Grill and a Mission

Welcome to "10 Friends, a Grill and a Mission"

The grill's fired up and ready to go! Steve and his friends are waiting for you to join them at their virtual barbecue. So grab some food and get ready to have fun as you join the conversation.

This online experience is divided into three short episodes. In each episode, you will be introduced to different characters, representing clinical staff, non-clinical staff and the community. As you listen to the conversations, you'll hear about the changes that may come to health care and the skills you can use to continue to make our mission possible.


Episode 1

You'll hear:

- How you connect to our mission
- How LEAN can reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care
- How quality of care ratings will impact reimbursements



Episode 2

You'll hear:

- How improving the electronic health record systems will improve the patient experience
- How patients are being treated outside the hospital in an effort to keep the community healthy and prevent serious health conditions
- How hospitals and physicians will work together to keep the community healthy



Episode 3

You'll hear:

- How visibility walls and daily huddles can promote continuous improvement, align goals throughout the organization,
  build relationships and improve communication

- How building relationships and seeing possibilities can help you be your best and bring the mission to life everyday